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Why choose The Super-Crete Company?

Because we’re better!


We combine FRC (Fiber-reinforced concrete) with welded wire mesh, heavy-gauge metal rebar (as needed) and an ultra strong 4" crushed gravel base to create a super strong, super durable product.  We understand this is a large investment and we want you the customer to have an excellent experience. We combine super products, outstanding workers, and the best customer service to provide our customers with the best value in our industry. We may not be the lowest price, but we will offer top of the line products and services at an affordable price.


Get educated: Get to know the products we use to provide you a significantly stronger concrete.


Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) is concrete containing fibrous material which increases its structural integrity and cohesion.


Fibers are used in concrete to control cracking due to plastic shrinkage and to drying shrinkage. They also reduce the permeability of concrete and thus reduce bleeding of water. Adding fibers produce greater impact-abrasion, and shatter–resistance in concrete.


  • Improve freeze-thaw resistance

  • Improve impact resistance

  • Increase resistance to plastic shrinkage during curing

Welded Wire Mesh

Although concrete is an excellent building material and is extremely strong in compression, it has one limitation - concrete is weak in tension. By combining concrete with material that is strong in tension, we can create a composite that is greatly reinforced. This type of steel reinforcement used in concrete is welded wire mesh


The Super-Crete Company prides itself on spending the extra time and money to create a true 4″ crushed stone, compacted base under the slab. This is the true strength of any pavement. If the sub-grade or rock under the slab is done correctly … then the concrete behaves solidly. Many homeowners worry about the concrete, which is the skin, and forget about the importance of a solid foundation for their new driveway, walkway, or patio. Other companies work may look good on top, but its the foundation you need to be concerned about.


Our concrete finishers are seasoned veterans; most having 15+ years experience. They are the very best in their respected field and provide our customers with a level of professionalism and workmanship unlike any other company. We invest more, to provide you with a better product, a SUPER product. 

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